Univet, one of the largest veterinary care providers in France


July 2022

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Partnership with Univet, one of the largest veterinary care providers in France, to develop the platform via a hub-and spoke model that federates independent veterinary practitioners around a partnership with shared resources, infrastructure, digital tools, continuous training and where quality of care is key.

Univet is a pioneer that has rapidly emerged as a key and well-regarded veterinary services provider. The company was founded by vets based on an entrepreneurial business model and a decentralized structure providing vets with the ability to focus on veterinary care. Univet also provides an extensive training program and actively seeks to support wildlife and biodiversity via the Univet Nature endowment fund.

As a regulated profession in an under-capacity market due to a strict numerus clausus in vet schools, the pet companion care market has proven to be a growing and resilient industry, supported by fundamental trends that should lead to further growth in the size of the market. With supportive regulation on the supply side and a structural shortage of vets, Univet can benefit from this market growth as well as the development of more advanced medical procedures that create effective barriers to entry.

We invested in Univet SAS in 2022 with a clear platform strategy to further grow organically as well as to expand into new regions via a hub-and-spoke model, helping develop the business while allowing the vets to focus on providing the best care for their animals.

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