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16 May 2023

Infrastructure is sustainable by design

Infrastructure projects are long term projects and therefore are naturally designed with a sustainability objective.
3 May 2023

Changing patterns require fresh thinking on recycling

"Removing more used metal from the waste process is a necessary step", believes InfraVia’s Bruno Candès
6 March 2023

Creating value in a volatile environment

Digitalisation and decarbonisation trump a brutal macroeconomic climate when it comes to infrastructure managers’ value creation plans.
4 January 2023

Digital infrastructure roundtable

Financing fibre in Europe and beyond

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Case Study

23 May 2023
Aurora x Infravia Capital Partners

InfraVia AGM

10 February 2023
2022 Edition


2 February 2023
New joiners welcome to the team!

Case Study

21 December 2022
Alkion Terminals x Infravia Capital Partners


9 December 2022
Chaptal Awards – Vincent Levita

Case Study

19 July 2022
Reden Solar x InfraVia Capital Partners


9 March 2022
Final close of InfraVia European Fund V at EUR 5bn


1 February 2022
Expanding the InfraVia team

InfraVia AGM

6 December 2021
2021 Edition