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A platform geared towards resilience and value creation

Our strategy

We invest in all infrastructure sectors including telecommunication, energy transition, healthcare, social infrastructure, transportation and smart mobility.

Our equity accelerates the growth of companies we invest in and we see our role as a catalyst for that transformation


We invest in companies that are, on the one hand, resilient to adverse market environments or economic downturns and, on the other hand, have mid-term growth potential.

We look at elements such as demand drivers, barriers to entry, low correlation to GDP cycles and essentiality of the services, which provide for downside protection and resiliency. In parallel, we are looking for further growth and development potential to enhance the asset base, invest further and grow the businesses we invest in.


We like to invest in “buy-and-build” strategies, which can be executed either through organic capex roll-outs or bolt-on acquisitions.

We develop singular assets into scalable and de-risked platforms, bring the right level of management skills and attention to operational improvements and do that at the right scale and pace. We are particularly attentive to sustainable investment considerations to ensure that our ambition is well understood by stakeholders and the ecosystem at large.

Forward thinking

The digital revolution, increased urbanization, the need for decarbonization of our economies as well as the continuous demand for high quality healthcare and other essential services will all impact future infrastructure needs.

While we continue to monitor the evolution of traditional infrastructure segments, we also carry out research to identify new investable sectors to assess how we can capture the growth and the value deriving from these new and shifting trends.

How we create value

We invest in companies with high development momentum.

To support management teams on their journey towards sustainable growth, we provide institutional leadership and act as a business accelerator.

We accelerate value creation

We have a “down to earth” and dynamic approach to asset management with the motivation to catalyze growth momentum and accelerate value creation opportunities.

Our asset management team supports managers to deliver the business plans as well as monitor and manage operating and financing risks.

We are a trusted partner

Building transparency and confidence is key and we are developing sound governance models designed to promote clear allocation of responsibilities and accountability.

We are engaging with management teams and are promoting a swift, flexible and momentum-based decision-making process with the sense of urgency required to accelerate value creation.

We realize full digital potential of our companies

We have pioneered digital infrastructure investments across Europe and have launched a dedicated B2B technology strategy.

This has solidified our understanding of the value creation potential that digital transformation can bring to our companies.

We build European champions

Over the years, we have invested in more than 15 countries across Europe.

We leverage our network of business partners, industry experts and senior advisors to internationalize and institutionalize the platforms we invest in.


One team with a common entrepreneurship and investment culture

We have assembled a strong team of infrastructure specialists who share the same entrepreneurial investment culture, based on discipline, curiosity, entrepreneurship and engagement.


We are passionate about infrastructure.

We support entrepreneurs and companies in their growth journey and help them to expand their businesses and transform them into top-tier platforms.