Celeste is a French digital infrastructure B2B platform dedicated to SMEs, large enterprises and the public sector.


March 2019

Current investment






Infrastructure IV

Celeste owns and operates the 3rd largest national network providing high-speed connectivity and other telecom services. Celeste has also launched a wholesale offer providing network access to operators serving enterprises.

Building on a favorable regulatory environment and the momentum of an entrepreneurial management team, Celeste aims to capture the expected growth of the B2B market in France, expanding its digital infrastructure network to leverage on its competitive advantage. Beyond the organic growth, Celeste is expanding its platform through build-ups and efficient post-merger integration processes.

Since our acquisition in 2019, Celeste has closed numerous build-up opportunities (including one international acquisition in Switzerland with VTX), providing significant massification and infrastructure synergies. Celeste has also successfully closed in 2021 an ESG financing of EUR 260 million to strengthen its investments capacities and support its growth ambition.

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