IFT is an innovative FTTH company established in 2020 by InfraVia and Iliad.


February 2020

Current investment






Infrastructure IV

IFT (Investissement dans la Fibre des Territoires) co-invests alongside infrastructure operators and local authorities in the roll-out of FTTH networks in medium and low-density areas and provides FTTH access services to anchor tenant Free and other retail operators.

With approximately 30 million total premises in medium and low-density areas, FTTH roll-out has a key role to unlock digital use cases, foster economic development and reduce digital divide in rural areas, at a lower carbon cost than alternative technologies.

A year after its creation, IFT had already invested in excess of EUR 760 million and reached circa 70% coverage of the territory. At the same time, IFT has developed a breakthrough IT interconnection platform allowing commercial operators to provision FTTH access in a secured, simple and digital way from 100+ infrastructure operators.

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