A leading player in the petrochemicals storage market.


July 2016

Current investment






Infrastructure III

Alkion Terminals is a liquid-bulk storage company that we established in 2016 with our industrial partner Coloured Finches.

Having identified a strong potential in the petrochemical products storage market in Europe, Alkion Terminals  acquired 10 terminals in 5 countries and integrated them in an Amsterdam-based corporate platform, with a strong culture geared towards quality, health and safety. The strategy for Alkion is to acquire and operate terminals that are deeply integrated in the clients’ supply chain, creating a very resilient business model. To develop a high-performing platform serving the energy transition, it has already invested close to EUR 100m in new storage capacity, digital transformation and tanks upgrade.

Alkion Terminals is today a leading infrastructure operator and consolidation platform in Europe, managing 1.3 million cubic meters of capacity, with additional organic growth planned in biofuel and chemical products storage.

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