ADTiM is a French wholesale infrastructure telecom operator.


December 2012


December 2017






Infrastructure I

ADTiM is an infrastructure wholesale and open-access telecom operator company that, in 2008, has been awarded a 25-year concession contract to design, build and operate a fiber optic backbone in the Drôme and Ardèche counties (France).

We invested in ADTiM in 2012 on the back of our long-term convictions on the sector, solid regulation as well as the positive SDG impact of the business (in particular with regards to the thematic of building modern infrastructure and bridging the digital divide). It was at the time one of the first transaction in the digital infrastructure space in Europe.

As an established local infrastructure partner, ADTiM has been awarded in 2016 an additional concession for the roll-out of the FTTH network (310,000 projected homes-passed). During our holding period, ADTiM has significantly improved its financial performance by delivering strong revenue growth and significant increase in margins.