A leading player in waste recycling providing critical circular economy infrastructure.

Blue Phoenix Group


July 2022

Current investment






Infrastructure V

Blue Phoenix Group’s facilities provide integrated sustainable solutions to the energy-from-waste (“EfW”) sector for treatment and recycling of bottom ash that remains after waste incineration.

BPG provides an essential service to EfW operators, diverting their output from landfill and recycling it into usable product. Uniquely positioned to capture growth from the trend to reduce landfill and increase recycling in the EU, the UK and other selected international markets, BPG provides a stable base of long-term revenue with established EfW customers in a sector with significant barriers to entry in terms of waste recycling expertise, site procurement and technology. Recycling and processing plants are critical infrastructure to move the waste supply chain towards a more circular model and as such BPG is a key enabler of the “green” agenda.

We invested in Blue Phoenix Group in 2022 attracted by the long-term trends of the business, the growing demand for sustainable and circular economy infrastructure and the opportunity to further grow the business globally, invest in operational efficiencies and further expand the product range.

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