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4 June 2024

Pursuing full fibre for all

The fibre rollout in France and other European countries may be nearing completion, but there are still compelling investment opportunities to be found, say InfraVia Capital Partners’ Coralie Durbec and Olivier Raugel of portfolio company IFT
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6 March 2024

Riding the rollercoaster

Infrastructure managers are working more closely with management teams than ever before in a market where volatility has become the norm, Amy Carroll writes
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7 December 2023

Rethinking regional planning: a response to climate, energy and social challenges

Vincent Levita, Founder and CEO of InfraVia, and Bruno Candès, Partner, are pushing for a new model based on extensive cooperation between public authorities, corporates and financial players.
Sdg publications
6 December 2023

Bringing the energy transition home

Regardless of whether the Green Deal industrial plan restores Europe’s place as a frontrunner in the fight against climate change, it will certainly create investment opportunities, five infra professionals tell Amy Carroll and Kalliope Gourntis
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3 July 2023

Nurturing company culture as you grow

"It is vital to preserve our culture and collective mindset while pursuing scale and diversification”, says InfraVia Capital Partners’ chief operating officer Laëtitia Feraud
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16 May 2023

Infrastructure is sustainable by design

Infrastructure projects are long term projects and therefore are naturally designed with a sustainability objective.
3 May 2023

Changing patterns require fresh thinking on recycling

"Removing more used metal from the waste process is a necessary step", believes InfraVia’s Bruno Candès
6 March 2023

Creating value in a volatile environment

Digitalisation and decarbonisation trump a brutal macroeconomic climate when it comes to infrastructure managers’ value creation plans.
4 January 2023

Digital infrastructure roundtable

Financing fibre in Europe and beyond
7 December 2022

Braced for turbulence

There’s no doubt about it – the macroeconomic outlook is miserable, and Europe is being hit the hardest
20 July 2022

Speaking the same language

A whole new IT infrastructure is being built to accompany France’s rapid fibre rollout
19 May 2022

Vincent Levita, ambition in the service of “Infra”

Meeting with InfraVia CEO, who reconciles conviction and a taste for dialogue.
8 March 2022

Creating value in disruptive times

Asset managers from three infrastructure investment firms discuss how the pandemic impacted their value-creation strategies, and consider how to deliver value going forward.
5 January 2022

Grand plans for social infrastructure

European infrastructure managers share their hopes for the legacy of the latest global summit on climate change.
7 December 2021

All I want from COP 26 is ….

European infrastructure managers share their hopes for the legacy of the latest global summit on climate change.
19 October 2021

The Growth investment market is booming

A golden age for Growth and Tech as business recovers : Fundraising takes off in every market.
19 July 2021

Where technology and infrastructure collide

What impact has covid had on the digital transformation of infrastructure assets?
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8 June 2021

InfraVia announces the publication of its 2020 sustainability report

InfraVia accelerates its ESG strategy shifting to an impact-oriented methodology and aligning with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals
6 April 2021

Interest of investors for infrastructure strengthened by Covid

2020 has been a trend accelerator for the infrastructure sector. To face the sector attractiveness and a growing competition on a limited amount of assets, key players had to change their practice to achieve their value creation targets
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31 March 2021

ESG loan market eager to bridge the transition to sustainability

The growth in popularity of sustainability-linked structures as a versatile tool in the loan market’s arsenal, especially as a way to help companies as they embark on the transition to a low or zero carbon future — and even to hold them to account over KPI targets and commitments
11 March 2021

Creating value in the midst of a global pandemic

Infrastructure managers shifted their focus from value creation to value preservation
2 December 2020

European infrastructure navigates through the pandemic

The pandemic has highlighted the sector’s merits and characteristics.
15 October 2020

Essential assets through the crisis

Since the beginning of the lock-down, a large part of the economy has been put on hold. Renowned for its high resilience, the infrastructure sector as a whole faced the crisis. The Energy, Telecom or social infrastructure behaved well
2 July 2020

Tapping into technology

InfraVia Capital Partners’ Guillaume Santamaria and Bruno Candès explain how investing directly in growth-stage tech companies will unlock new opportunities for infrastructure fund managers and LPs
6 April 2020

Good risk management should be designed to deal with any crisis

The coronavirus highlighted the challenges posed by unpredictable risks. The asset managers need to tackle climate change and digital disruption, and have to structure their team to deal with an ever more complex worlds
12 December 2019

Saved by the mega-trends

Despite political upheaval and meagre growth, managers are finding plenty of opportunities in Europe’s energy transition and digitisation. And, crucially, they are finding them without a government-fuelled pipeline.
6 December 2019

The new infrastructure networks is booming

Driven by a market that has regained its liquidity and a strong need for investment in infrastructure, both new and old, the infrastructure sector is not short of opportunities.
2 September 2019

Adapting to a changing agenda

Infrastructure has always been about long-term certainty, but changes in everything from regulation to technology are pushing investors to embrace flexibility
8 March 2019

InfraVia reiterates its faith in Europe’s mid-market

After a fourth fund close and the 10 years of existence, Vincent Levita and Bruno Candès explains what's next for the firm
12 February 2019

There is no such thing as asset-management lite

As the infrastructure sector evolves and the importance of asset management grows, four industry experts explain what they do to enact real change
10 January 2019

Record amounts of capital, record amounts of scrutiny

As the continent’s continued political pressures meet an ever-demanding investor base, four top fund managers explain how they maintain a reputation for reliable investment