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8 June 2021

InfraVia Capital Partners announces the publication of its 2020 sustainability report

2020 has been a turning point. InfraVia has enhanced its approach to increase its impact and accelerate its commitment towards more ambitious sustainability objectives.

In 2020 InfraVia accelerated its ESG strategy shifting to an impact-oriented methodology and aligning with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Today, InfraVia announces the publication of its 2020 Sustainability Report, which is an essential element of its ambition.

Vincent Levita, Founder and CEO of InfraVia said: “As the climate crisis worsens and related socio-political issues become more pressing each year, it has become urgent to take our sustainability actions to the next level. Compliance, risk assessment and goodwill are no longer enough. In contrast, impact is a valuable notion as it accurately transcribes the distinctive pragmatic and committed ethos of our team, and our positive mindset. All of us at InfraVia are in charge of improving, first, our own practices and, second, those of our portfolio companies”.

Laëtitia Feraud, Partner and COO of InfraVia added: “From the moment InfraVia was founded in 2008, we have been determined to foster sustainable development of the assets we invest in. We learned from experience that the best way to do so is by listening closely to our stakeholders, setting high expectations and working together to reach them. We have stayed true to this mission overtime: our consistent efforts have taken us from our first responsible investment strategy in 2011 to our 2020 Sustainability Report, which we are thrilled to introduce and publish on our website”. 


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