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4 July 2022

The veterinary network Univet welcomes InfraVia into its capital to support its continued development

Consisting of nearly 150 veterinary clinics and practices in France and Belgium, the Univet veterinary network federates independent veterinary practitioners around a common infrastructure providing them with shared resources, digital tools and continuing professional development. The network is experiencing strong growth with the number of its establishments having tripled since 2020, including more than 40 new veterinary structures and 31 associate veterinary practitioners since the beginning of 2022 alone. InfraVia Capital Partners (“InfraVia”) bought its stake from the Platina investment fund that has been invested in Univet since 2018.

In 2021, the Univet network reached over EUR 50 million in revenue. The partnership with InfraVia will notably allow Univet to continue its growth and expansion in the two countries where it is already present (France and Belgium), as well as to strengthen its support teams.

Also active in the field of wildlife, Univet has developed the Univet Nature endowment fund, which works with NGOs around the world to preserve biodiversity. This endowment fund gives Univet a strong CSR dimension, marked by concrete actions with animal owners and with partners in the veterinary profession.

As an example, Univet is committed to the “One Health” concept, which presents a
holistic approach to health and aims to develop links between health, environmental quality (water, air, etc.), climate, food and biodiversity.

Christophe Navarro, President of Univet and the Univet Nature endowment fund, states: “The inclusion of InfraVia in our capital structure is excellent news for Univet. We will be able to rely on a leading institutional partner with a long-term investment horizon thatwill help us, together with our network, develop our growth strategy and the different projects we are working on for the benefit of our veterinary practitioners as well as animal welfare. Univet intends to continue building the future of veterinary medicine by facilitating the daily life of healthcare teams in the field and by offering pet owners high-performance tools to keep their animals in good health.”



Vincent Levita, Founder and CEO
+33 (0)1 40 68 17 38

Antoine Denry
+33 (0) 6 18 07 83 27

Christophe Navarro, President of Univet and Univet Nature
+33 (0)6 07 31 05 63

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