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17 February 2020

InfraVia reaffirms its sustainability strategy

InfraVia reaffirms its sustainability strategy and takes a step forward by including impact considerations and aligning it with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

InfraVia invests in infrastructure assets with a lifecycle spanning several decades, with the objective to deliver stable and long-term returns. InfraVia also invests in and accelerates leading high growth companies supporting the digitalisation of the economy.

InfraVia is committed to aligning its investments with the Unites Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, and recognises the SDGs as the set of common goals allowing asset owners, investors and portfolio companies to outline sustainability priorities and to speak a common language.

InfraVia recognises that infrastructure assets and tech companies have both positive and negative externalities. In this context, the firm commits to using the SDGs to define a set of baseline priority standards for all its investments, and to conduct a sectorbased materiality approach.

Five cross-cutting SDGs applicable to all investments have been chosen as priorities to analyse the impact of its portfolio:

  • SDG 5: the promotion of gender equality;
  • SDG 8: the contribution to economic growth, job creation, social inclusion, and decent employment;
  • SDG 9: the development of reliable, sustainable and resilient infrastructure;
  • SDG 13: the fight against climate change; and
  • SDG 16: the definition of responsible and accountable governing bodies.

InfraVia is convinced that all portfolio companies can take actions on those crosscutting sustainability areas. InfraVia is committed to implementing its sustainability charter across the investment cycle, from investment selection to divestment, and to providing support to its portfolio companies for a continuous implementation.

In addition to the cross-cutting systematic approach, InfraVia has defined an exposure map which covers additional priority SDGs that are relevant to the infrastructure and technology sectors, and which will be analysed and monitored when appropriate.

Vincent Levita, CEO and Founder of InfraVia, said:

“Sustainable development considerations have always been central to our investment thesis, particularly as it relates to risk assessment. With our new charter, we reaffirm our ambition to invest responsibly and we make a clear move towards an impact-aware approach. We aim to stay at the forefront of the industry on this subject and we believe that promoting the UN SDGs as a common set of standards will drive a greater awareness across the infrastructure and tech sectors.”



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