A platform geared towards resilience and value creation

Our equity accelerates the growth of companies we invest into and we see our role as a catalyst for that transformation

We invest in all infrastructure sectors in Europe, including transportation, energy, utilities, telecommunication and social Infrastructure. We invest into companies that are on the one hand resilient to adverse market environment or economic downturns and on the other hand have mid-term growth potential.

We are pan european investor and we invest in solid businesses

We look at elements such as demand drivers, barriers to entry, low correlation to GDP cycles and essentiality of the services, which provide for downside protection and resiliency. In parallel, we are looking for further growth and development potential to enhance the asset base, invest further and grow the businesses we invest into.

We invest to grow our assets

We typically like to invest in “buy-and-build” strategies, which can be executed either through organic capex roll-outs or bolt-on acquisitions. We develop singular assets into scalable and de-risked platforms, bring the right level of management skills and attention to operational improvements and do that at the right scale and pace.