Claire Vernet-Garnier

Asset Management Director

Claire Vernet-Garnier

Asset Management Director

Claire is a Director in our Asset Management team, responsible for guiding the companies in our Infrastructure portfolio on strategic and operational issues.

Claire enjoys working with companies on a variety of issues, including organizational growth, financing, external growth and corporate governance.

She particularly enjoys working with all stakeholders (employees, managers, shareholders, boards, authorities) in the development and implementation of a company’s growth and development strategy.

Before joining us in November 2022, Claire spent more than 7 years on various high-level financing (ECM) and M&A projects in investment banking (Bank of America ML and Société Générale), 3 years in business development at Euronext and 5 years in strategic transaction execution and in charge of the Transport portfolio at the French Government Shareholding Agency (APE).

Previous experience

Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Société Générale CIB
French Government Shareholding Agency (APE)


Ecole Nationale des Ponts & Chaussées
Solvay Brussels School Economics & Management
Temple University – Fox School of Business
Audencia Business School

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